Tuesday, 15 November 2016

markets love


You can always go and expect the same. You can always go and love the company. The market will be loving you till the end. And i can almost guarantee you will make a friend.

Year 6 went to the market and loved it. They met knew people and it will always be in there memory.

We all had forgotten that you don't have to be the smartest person to work there and with that in mind we will always want to make friends with the locals.

The market gave us an enjoyable time and you could tell what a good time everyone else was having and that they knew that they would want to come back again and fill the needed friends that had been missing for to long. 

We went to tooting market and learnt knew things it was fun and everyone was so nice. When we went to talk to shop holders they were kind and we wanted to talk more.

We went back to the market a couple of weeks later to do a film project. Nearly everyone that we asked wanted to be in are project we had a great time and everyone was so nice and we got some very good stories. We found out a lot of the history. It would be a real shame if one day it was there and the next day it wasn't people have been going and serving for many years and they are enjoying every single bit of it.

When we asked what the shoppers saw in the market instead of the supermarket they all said it was because of the atmosphere and that the shop owners were friendly and were good company.     

The picture bellow is of tooting market!!                                          

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