Monday, 7 November 2016

Tooting Market

                                    Tooting Market

Year 6,from Furzedown, have been making a film at Tooting Market. We visited loads of different stalls. They told us amazing stories like the parrot who nearly got hit by a bus.That story was told to us by pet shop owner.
At school we have been writing poems about Tooting Market.This verse is written by Nancy Sparrowhawk about Tooting Market.

'There is a friction of friendliness that joins the market together
There is a juice bar to relax
A stylish stall to buy jewelry
So many different stalls and shops.'  
And the market is that.With different stalls like the pet stall and juice bar. There are different customers, with customers who have been to the market for a long time and customers who are fairly new. But also there are people trying new things or customers who have been to a stall again and again.
The market is also very friendly. People with different cultures can talk to each other and the stall owners are really friendly as well while in a supermarket don't that.

The shops are small but incredible.With all the history of the stalls and of owners it's amazing to think what it has been through.

By Nancy

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