Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Year 6 In The Tooting Markets

Tooting Markets    
Year 6 from Furzedown Primary School went to the markets to interview the shop-holders and learn about the history. The Tooting Markets are a very friendly and warm-hearted community. Tooting Market was built in 1930.

We went to Tooting Market and met many nice shop-holders from the fish shop, the cobblers, the time specialists, and many, many more. We interviewed over 20 people and had at least 10 hours of interesting filming. It was extremely fun to learn how to use the cameras, lights and sound equipment. When using the equipment we had some mishaps but hopefully the film will turn out to be really good. 

Some of the shops are from Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria and some even from China! It is truly an icon of Tooting and it shows how multi-cultural and multi-national Tooting really is.

We also went to Broadway Market. It was built in 1936, 6 years after Tooting Market was built and has 90 stalls, more than Tooting Market. It has Cafes and restaurants.

We are waiting for the rough edit of our documentary to come in and I can't wait to see it.        Hopefully it will be amazing!!!!!!     
Thank You!

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